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Supporters of CAT can now choose ethical banking, thanks to a new partnership between CAT and Triodos Bank.

You can help CAT to inspire, inform and enable people in the transition to a more sustainable society, safe in the knowledge that your money is being responsibly lent where it’s most needed.

For new savings accounts opened with Triodos via the link on the bank's website - www.triodos.co.uk/cat - Triodos will donate £40 to support our environmental education work, helping CAT research, teach, train and inspire as we work towards a greener future.

The impact of the financial crisis has demonstrated just how much damage the financial sector can have on our society when things go wrong but it’s also helped a growing number of people realise banking’s potential for good, if it’s directed to work for people and the planet, not against them.

Triodos are an Ethical Bank, only lending the money entrusted to them by savers to organisations that work to benefit people or the environment, ranging from organic food and farming businesses to nature conservation projects and community owned renewable energy.

Triodos publishes details of every single organisation it lends to on its website, so that savers can see how their money is being invested.

Triodos' donations to CAT can only be paid if new savers complete an online application form via the link www.triodos.co.uk/CAT; the donation will be paid after the balance of the savings account reaches at least £100.

Terms and conditions for the offer can be viewed on the Triodos website. To find out more about the Triodos/CAT partnership visit www.triodos.co.uk/cat

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