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The most important and valued benefit of your membership is that it supports research, understanding and training, helping us all move towards a sustainable future!

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Journal of Sustainable Living

Clean Slate: the Practical Journal of Sustainable Living is CAT’s full colour quarterly magazine, read by thousands of people around the UK and beyond.  Resource use, renewables, energy efficiency, waste and recycling… Clean Slate keeps you engaged with the issues that matter in a changing world.

Starting out as The Quarry Association Newsletter (1977), the publication later evolved into Quarry News(1983) and Clean Slate - from the Quarry(1989). Now simply Clean Slate, the journal brings practical tips, cutting-edge research and inspiring examples of successful projects to its readers. Clean Slate is read by people who care about climate change and are determined to do something about it.

CAT Visitor Centre Activities

Unlimited visits to our Visitor Centre. With over 7 acres of hands-on displays and enchanting gardens, CAT inspires thousands of visitors each year. Come and learn from our 40-plus years of research and experimentation.

Environmental Debate in WISE

An invitation to special events including our annual CAT conference held at the award winning Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE). The conference is the perfect setting to share ideas, find out about the latest in the sustainable sector, meet likeminded people and hear what certain organisations and individuals are doing to meet our zero carbon targets.


Discount offers as part of our ethical partnerships. At CAT we are eager to work with individuals, businesses and organisations that share our core values. Partner organisations help to fund our charitable objectives while providing our supporters with useful services such as telephone and  broadband coverage, electricity, bicycle insurance, car breakdown cover and recycling of printer cartridges, toners and mobile phones. To find out more about the services on offer, visit our Ethical Partnership Schemes page.

CAT Publications

A 10% discount on all CAT publications. Over the last twenty years thousands of CAT members have sought out expertise in CAT Publications. Choose from titles such as The Home Energy Handbook, Zero Carbon Britain, Wind Power Workshop or Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment.

CAT Information team

Free advice from our Information Service – The CAT Information Service answers queries on a wide range of subjects including renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change, environmental building and water use/treatment. The recent introduction of the government’s Feed-in Tariff and RHI schemes have created a tremendous interest in domestic-scale renewable energy (e.g. solar panels), and CAT’s 40 plus years of experience with this technology put us in an excellent position to advise householders on making the most of these opportunities.

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