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Supporting a sustainable tomorrow



Pledge your ongoing support by leaving us a legacy.

The Centre for Alternative Technology creates pathways to a bright future by establishing a sustainable present.

Your bequest will help CAT to…


The visitor to CAT gets an exciting insight into the future of sustainable living. Experiencing major interactive exhibits, lively educational workshops and theatre activities promotes a deeper understanding of climate change, biodiversity and global equity. CAT's eco-cabins bring renewable energy to life, giving thousands of children each year hands-on experience of a sustainable future.


CAT provides free information on practical environmental solutions for anyone wishing to make a difference, many of whom make use of CAT's consultancy service as individuals or organisations. CAT's expertise is distilled into clear and concise books, manuals and tip sheets published on site and available by mail order, on line and in our extensive bookshop.


In WISE, the largest environmental education institute in the UK, students learn on the CAT Masters programmes to become consultants, green engineers and sustainable architects of the future.

Other CAT courses deliver practical skills needed to create an ecologically viable society and a brighter, greener future.

Your pledge to the planet…

  1. Training for people in renewable technologies that can reduce carbon emissions and provide green clean energy.
  2. Research projects that explore and demonstrate practical solutions to climate change
  3. Teaching alternative methods of farming and gardening that protect natural ecosystems and habitats.
  4. Free information and guidance for people wishing  to make changes in their own homes and lives.
  5. Inspirational activities to engage children with the ideas and possibilities of a bright future.

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If you have any queries about making your will or altering an existing one please contact our legacies team on: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING or 01654 704950.

The Centre for Alternative Technology creates pathways to a bright future by establishing a sustainable present.