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What CAT members have to say...

Organic growing at CAT...about CAT

"I love being part of such a positive organisation." - Geoffrey Warrington

"I find CAT very uplifting and encouraging." - Anne Rielly

"CAT helps me keep up to date on the best renewable technologies and practical and sensible alternatives to help preserve our future." - Sophie Charvet

"CAT has a unique practical approach that I can't get anywhere else." - John Perry

"I have supported CAT's work for 12 years, and the need is even greater now." - Charlotte Law

...about Clean Slate

"Congratulations on the latest Clean Slate, the best I have read so far. It has really lived up to its aim to inspire, inform and enable me! Of particular interest was the information on feed-in tariffs for small-scale renewables, for which we have similar arrangements here in France." - Rod Sykes

"Getting Clean Slate - cheers me up, makes me feel I'm not alone in my interests and is of practical use." - George Charriau

"As I read the latest edition of Clean Slate I reflected on how much it has improved over the years. This one was the best yet, dealing in some depth with interesting and important issues." - Patrick Whitefield

"Clean Slate is one of the most interesting and enjoyable bits of reading matter I have had for many years. As I had supported CAT for many years I felt that a reduced fee or no fee should apply - if only to show your appreciation of my support, so, I cut off my nose and allowed my membership to lapse. What a fool, oh boy, how I've missed your publication! It's great to receive it again." - Dave Milligan

...about their visit to CAT

Renewable energy tour"We just wanted to say how impressed we were with all we saw when we visited CAT. So great to see the WISE centre. Well done in all your efforts. We really enjoyed our visit and as usual returned home with lots of good ideas." - Dennis and Mary Post

"I admire so much the work that you all do at CAT and I sincerely wish I could contribute more to assist you in your quest. I have spent many happy hours at the site since you opened in the 70s and I will certainly be renewing my membership." - Glenys Roberson

"We recently had the opportunity to visit CAT again and enjoyed our tour. I made notes on several suggestions for saving energy around our house, including grants...I applied for one and we got our loft insulated for free! We are now heating the house for just a few minutes and the heat remains all day. This has been a fantastic change in comfort in our old farmhouse and a huge energy and financial saving. Thanks to all who were so helpful and friendly. We are looking forward to our next visit..." - Bruce Perkins

...about the members' conference

"This is just to thank you all most sincerely for another great members' conference. Once again I enjoyed myself enormously!" - Rosalind Kent

"I was at the members' conference at the weekend and really enjoyed it. Although I work in sustainability I felt in need of recharging and being around 'doers'. Thank you for re-inspiring me!" - Jane Durney

"Very many thanks for organising the members' conference. We found it hugely enjoyable and refreshing." - Kevin Jones´╗┐

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