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Clean Slate 102 - Winter 2016



New CAT Quarry Trail opens

Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen

Eco Refurbishments

Clean Slate 101 - Autumn 2016



Brexit: what now?

Poverty and climate change in the UK

Inspiring eco homes

Clean Slate 100 - Summer 2016



The EU and the environment

100 ideas for sustainability

Frequent flyers

Why zero carbon needs women

Clean Slate 99 - Spring 2016



Global Team Paris - the work begins


Back to school for CAT architecture students


The electric car - has its time finally arrived?

Clean Slate 98 - Zero Carbon: Making it Happen!



Zero Carbon: Making it Happen


The UN climate talks: Paris & beyond


Sustainable architecture: Passivhaus and straw bale builds

Clean Slate 97 - Autumn 2015



What just happened?  All change for UK energy policy

Who's Getting Ready for Zero? New report from CAT


The Road to Paris.  Preparing for the UN climate summit

Clean Slate 96 - Summer 2015



Enter the Anthropocene - tracing the beginnings of a new geological age

District energy - powering down our cities

Building for biodiversity - finding space for nature


Clean Slate 95 - Spring 2015



Community energy - overcoming the obstacles

The Changes Everything - an interview wth Naomi Klein

Getting to zero - scenarios from around the world

Clean Slate 94 - Winter 2014



Where next for the Green Movement?

What is degrowth?

How do we stop fracking?

Clean Slate 93 - Autumn 2014



Learning by doing - postgraduate degrees at CAT

The Transatlantic Trade Deal - a project of the 1%

To the ends of the Earth - Underground Coal Gasification

Practical sustainable adaptation - case studies

Clean Slate 92 - CAT at 40



CAT at 40 - looking back on the past four decades

Talking adaptation - does it make people do less to stop climate change?

Impossible to inevitable - generating the will to act on the environment

Divestment - the route to a win on climate change?

Clean Slate 91 - Time to Transform



Time to transform - adapting to life on a changing planet

Moving stories - people who move in the context of climate change

Assisted colonisation - should we move endangered species to new areas?

RHI - demystifying the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

Clean Slate 90 - Winter 2013



Nature by numbers - what's it really worth?

Green New Deal - economic detox for the UK

Solar: breaking even? Does solar make sense without subsidies?

Zero Carbon Britain - help spread the word!

Clean Slate 89 - Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future



Why we must rethink the future - Paul Allen on the reasons behind the report

Balancing supply and demand - Tobi Kellner talks us through CAT's new energy model

Powering down - Philip James on reducing our carbon consumption

What's on the menu? - Laura Blake looks at healthy, low-impact diets

Clean Slate 88 - Summer 2013



Energy storage - how and when should we store energy?

Open source technology - energy democracy via open source monitoring

Land shares - get your community growing

The Green Deal - what might it mean for you, and for the climate? 

Clean Slate 87 - Energiewende!



Energiewende - Germany's energy transition

Moving stories - the reality of climate change migration

Thermodynamic panels - why you should think twice

The Energy Bill - what it means for a zero carbon future

Clean Slate 86 - Let's talk bikes!



Let's talk bikes!  Getting to grips with the electric bike.

The right kind of power stations: What type of power stations will help us build a sustainable future?

Community supported baking: The Real Bread Campaign's fight for better bread in Britain.

The CAT History Project: Memories and more from the early years...

Clean Slate 85 - The Festival of the Future


The Festival of the Future: a whole summer of fun at CAT

Why we find it so hard to act against climate change: George Marshall explores the reasons

Zero Carbon Britain: meet the researchers who are looking at the UK's energy future

Wood fuel efficiency: get the most out of your logs, pellets or woodchips


Clean Slate 84 - The Home Energy Handbook


The Home Energy Handbook: Energy-saving know-how with CAT’s latest book

The fight to stay frack-free: Why we should say no to shale

A model future: Designing and testing zero carbon energy systems

Sowing, growing and saving from the skip: Reclaiming the food system, one seed at a time

Clean Slate 83 - The Earth Issue

From crumbly compost to homemade paint, the earth beneath our feet has many treasures to offer.

In this final issue of our "elements" series, earth takes the spotlight as we learn about the rare earth elements found in home appliances, and the promise of biochar as a means of storing excess carbon.

We also find out how the WISE building was inspired by the rammed earth of the Alhambra palace, and how the best bread on earth might come from your own cob oven...