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Would you like to make your taxes work for the environment?

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Imagine choosing where the taxes you pay should be spent.


Imagine being able to direct your income tax directly into environmental projects.


If you think it will never happen, we have good news for you, because the Gift Aid scheme allows you to do just that.


If you are a UK taxpayer and you make a donation to CAT charity of any size, we can now reclaim the tax you have already paid on your gift. This means that for every £1 you donate, CAT can reclaim a further 28p from the taxman at no extra cost to you.


It is incredibly simple to set up - you just complete the form and that's it.


The one form will cover all donations from that time on, whatever size they are and whether they are made regularly or not. If you stop paying tax for whatever reason, just tell us and we will cancel your form.


It's as easy as that!


Please, even if you're not able to make a donation today, complete the form. We can then have it ready if you choose to make a gift in the future.