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CAT Conference 2011

2012 - Views of the past, visions of the future

The CAT Conference 2012 looked back at the history of CAT and the alternative technology movement, and looked forward to help us envision a brighter future.  Talks and seminars on Zero Carbon Britain, the arts and sustainability, and home and community energy took place alongside very hands-on practical workshops in DIY solar thermal, pizza oven building, hydro power, and a bit of invasive species control in the CAT woodland.

There were some amazing delegate presentations.  Patrick Beautement introduced the need to sustain precision in low-carbon engineering; Tom Barker looked at ecosystem services and the importance of valuing nature; Ian Care took us through some of the emerging technologies that could become common-place in a zero carbon world.  Other inspiring projects included community orchards, composting schemes, an inspiring high school, and call on delegates to get political.  Take a look at the slides for these and more at the links below.


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